“I Have a Superhero Now.” Why Inclusion Matters

KhanA friend sent me this great post that I wanted to share, in which a comic book store owner introduces a young muslim girl to Kamala Khan, a muslim teenaged superhero living in New Jersey who has taken up the mantle of Ms. Marvel.  It’s a touching story that illustrates why the push for greater diversity in superhero media is so important.

“The girl looked at it and then ended up buying all three trade paperbacks to catch her up to the series. Mom and I spoke about my experience doing Ramadan and how amazing the feast was at the end of it. I asked her about her Burqa and does it get hot (nope… keeps her cool as can be) and if her daughter was excited to wear one (yes). They all bought their books and the daughter said to the mom “I have a superhero now.” Quietly spoken filled with pride.”




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