Buffy & the Apocalypse


This week, Matthew talks with special guest Dr. Katy Valentine about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the idea of apocalypse in the stories we love.  We talk about the show and some of the questions it raises, especially in the character of Anya, before diving deep into the idea of the apocalypse as a plot device. Katy gives us some background on the term and its origins, and we talk about the questions raised by a potential end of the world.  How much can we bend our principals or values to stop the end of the world? We focus on Buffy, but also talk about stories where similar questions are raised, including both Avengers movies.


You can download the episode with a right click or subscribe to us on Itunes.

Katy is a New Testament scholar and a pastor with with a love for exploring how ideas with biblical roots, such as apocalpyse, are played out in pop culture. Her book, Sex, Slavery and Self-Control in 1 Corinthians, will be published soon by GlossaHouse. Katy is also the founder of Agápe Harp, bringing healing to others through harp music.


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