Remembering Leia- by Rebecca Rose Vassey

carrieRebecca Rose Vassey, who was recently a podcast guest on Chosen Ones, wrote a wonderful post about the death of Carrie Fisher that I wanted to share with you all.  A great reminder of the power the actress and the character held for so many, and why she will be missed.

“Just got on to FB today to learn that we lost Carrie Fisher. I am heartbroken…I really hoped she might pull through. I couldn’t wait to see how her story continued to unfold in the next Star Wars movie. It really can’t be underestimated, the impact that she made as Princess Leia on girls of my generation. We had her and we had Wonder Woman. Society didn’t care about telling us that we could be brave and strong, independent and centered confidently in our own power. “Princesses” were the things that got pretty dresses and rescued by princes. But there was this little subversive ray of light as we grew up and Princess Leia showed us we could speak truth to power, we could participate in our own rescues, we could rescue others and lead rebellions and be spies and award medals and have stories that matter. Carrie Fisher brought that to life and made it iconic. And then, later, she was authentic and truthful about her many struggles with mental health and addiction. She was a fighter, a survivor, a woman still standing up to ageism and sizeism even as late as “The Force Awakens”. I am proud that her work helped shape me as a child, encouraged me to speak loud in a world that told me to shut up and be pretty. You will always be my princess, Carrie Fisher. May we all look up from time to time and see you shimmering blue-silver and nodding in wise encouragement. Rest in power and may the Force be with you.”

As Diva Darling, Rebecca Rose Vassy is a variety performer with an emphasis on nerdlesque. As a writer and blogger, she’s best known for pottymouth rants and absurdist humor. As a lifelong nerd and geek, she loves subverting tropes and overthinking pop culture. Join her shenanigans at, on Facebook as Diva Darling, or on Twitter at Diva_Mojo.

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