Logan on Logan

LoganShould heroes be clean cut and re-assuring, like Cap’, or messy and troubling, like Wolverine?  Returning guest Logan joins Matthew for a discussion of the movie Logan. They talk about the movie’s portrayal of violence, the power of pride in overcoming stigma, the death and renewal of hope, the danger of putting heroes on pedestals, and the lessons we can take from Logan to our own world, especially in this current political moment.




You can download the episode with a right click, or subscribe by searching for Superhero Ethics on Itunes or on Stitcher.

In the podcast, we referenced a few earlier articles and podcasts, including:

V for Dystopia, Logan’s first appearance on the podcast, where he talks with Paul and Matthew about dystopias, fictional and real.

The Realities of Superheros, Matthew’s blogpost about the movie Logan.

Is Magneto Right, an earlier podcast episode in which Matthew and Paul discuss the character of Magneto, and where he falls on the line of hero or villain.

“Dog man” Logan Grendel is a writer, artist, and activist born and raised in New York City. He is also a lifelong fan of comics, fantasy, and dystopian tales of all kinds. His own photo/graphic novel creation Harlequin’s Song was completed in 2006, and has never seemed more timely.

Urban Dog Care NYC is Logan’s dog-walking business and main source of dog stories, about which you shouldn’t ask unless you have several hours to spare. For a brief, humorous look at his findings, read his new book Putting Paws to Pavement.  You can also follow him and find more of his political thoughts on Twitter.

What did you think of Logan? Did it trouble you, thrill you, make you cringe or cheer or both? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Continue the conversation with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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