Be Super, like Wonder Woman!

Wonder WomanEarlier this week I recorded a talk with Krystal Kara, founder of the Be Super Initiative. Unfortunately, the recording got terribly garbled, so I can’t post it. I’m working on transcribing it and should have that up for you all soon, but meanwhile i wanted to tell you more about her and her great organization.


Be SuperKrystal Kara is the creator of the organization Be Super. Be Super strives to use comic  book characters as educational tools to understand social justice issues. Be Super aims to show that every individual is a hero.

I got to meet Krystal at Wiscon recently, and was inspired by the work she and Be Super do.   In the attempted podcast, We talked in general about her organization and the work it does, and about the new Wonder Woman movie- what we liked, what we had trouble with, and the discussion Be Super hosted after a showing of the movie.  I hope to have the transcript up soon, but  in the meantime, check out  the great work they do!.

It’s a great program, check them out!

And speaking of Wonder Woman, let me share my favorite article I’ve seen about it so far, about how Princess Buttercup became the warrior-general who trained Princess Diana. 


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