The Ethics of Arrows, with JP Fairfield

JP and ArrowMy guest this week is JP Fairfield, of the Nerdgasm Noire Network and Operation Cubicle podcasts.  Together we explore the latest season of Arrow, the costs of being a hero, and why long suffering Quentin Lance deserves a break!



You can download the episode with a right click, or subscribe by searching for Superhero Ethics on Itunes or on Stitcher.

JP Fairfield is a snarky geek working in software development.  She is the co-host for the podcasts, Nerdgasm Noire Network and Operation Cubicle.

Twitter: @isitis



Nerdgasm Noire Network is a bi-weekly podcast featuring 5 nerdy black women with strong opinions.  We are waiting to see if the Apple vs. Android fight will end in tasty cronuts.

Twitter: @nerdgasmnoire 



Operation Cubicle is a weekly podcast connecting job experiences with geeky hobbies and being a Person of Color in the corporate world

Twitter: @operationcube



This week we have new intro music, thanks to the awesome Jack Hesse! You can hear the full version of the music he created for this podcast, and follow him on Twitter.


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