Daredevil, Captain Mal, & Charlottesville

Mal NaziWould Daredevil share information about Nazis? Would Superman or Captain Mal? How would our heroes react to Charlottesville and what can that teach us? What questions would they ask, and which should we?

Starting this week, recent guest Jacob Milicic joins us as co-host! Be sure to welcome him to the conversation.


You can download the episode with a right click, or subscribe by searching for Superhero Ethics on Itunes or on Stitcher.

Which heroes do you think would get on board with sharing information on those who go to Nazi marches, and who would object? Agree or disagree with what we talked about, or want to add your own thoughts? Let us know! You can find us on TwitterFacebook, or email us at superheroethics@gmail.com

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