Addendum and Apology for Who is your Hero Episode

On our recent episode about real life heroes, we got into a discussion of what happens if we find out the people who we see as heroes do terrible things. As part of that conversation I (Matthew) brought up the example of what would happen if we found out that someone we saw as a hero had hit his wife.  In the resulting conversation we were not at all clear in how terrible an act we would both see that as, and we made it sound as though someone could so something that awful and still be seen as a hero.  That was a mistake, and never what we intended to say or imply.

We have added an addendum and apology that to the real life heroes podcast itself.  Thank you to all of our listeners and please continue to call us out when we are wrong.

Lastly, the sound quality on this one has some issues, because I wanted to get this up as soon as possible, rather than waiting until I could record under our normal circumstances.

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