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black-panther-7Instead of a normal podcast or article, we want to use this space to share with you some of the great writing, analysis, and debate coming from black authors about Black Panther. You will find links to a number of great articles and tweets, below.


I (Matthew) saw Black Panther a week and half ago, and I’m still thinking about it. The movie was beautiful, moving, hilarious, exciting- but more than anything it left me with so much to think about.

It also left me realizing the limits of my own perspective. So much of this movie was a commentary on black experiance, an experiance I haven’t had and can’t claim to.  And while there are universal themes and questions I can draw out of this movie and comment on, I know that in doing so I miss so much of the the richness and depth of this movie.

Perhaps more importantly, as much as I love the sound of my own voice, this seems like a time where Superhero Ethics is much better used as a megaphone, to highlight the writings of other people, especially people of color, on this movie.

So, here are some of my favorites. What have been yours? What have you read about Black Panther that really spoke to you?

In Defense of Erik Killmonger and the Forgotten Children of Wakanda, by Brooke Obie, Shadow and Act

An American Monster in Wakanda, by Talynn Kel, Breaking Normal

I need to articulate why Black Panther was such an important movie to me (as a writer, an Afro-Latinx person, a dark skinned person, a black geek/sff fan)– an insightful tweet thread by Princess Shuri, @Dos_Twinjas

Black Panther Turns Hollywood’s White Gaze on its Head, by David Dennis, Uproxx

5 Lessons from Black Panther that can Save Our Lives – and Transform Black Politics, by Frank Leon Roberts, Medium

The Tragedy of Erikk Killmonger, by Adam Serwer, The Atlantic



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