Ep 58: Red Son Zenith

Is Superman aRed Son product of nature or nurture? This episode looks at the Red Son story, which imagines an alternative future in which Kal-El landed in the USSR, and grew up to fight for Truth, Justice, and the Communist Way.


This episode also features special guest, Jess Dunks. Jess is a former USAF Korean Linguist and a professional level judge for Magic: the Gathering events. He’s also been a fan of superhero stories ever since he found a comic book store he could walk to when he was 12, and his favorite hero is Boo, the only Miniature Giant Space Hamster in the Realm.


You can download the episode with a right click  and clicking “save link as” or subscribe by searching for Superhero Ethics on Itunes, Stitcher, or other podcast apps.

Agree or disagree with what we talked about, or want to add your own thoughts? Let us know! We recently started a Superhero Ethics Facebook Group, which is the best way to join in the conversations. You can also find us on Twitter or email us at superheroethics@gmail.com

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