Ep 64: The Jedi, the Sith, & good ol’ Palps

Jedi & Sith

Are the Sith the mustache twirling villains the initially appear to be, or is there a method to their madness? Where did the Jedi go wrong? Are emotions something to be held back, or fully embraced in a space wizard, and how did the Jedi and Sith codes inform each other?


Jacob and Matthew jump into these questions, with the help of friend and fellow Star Wars Nerd Extraordinaire, Jonah Kellman. Jonah cares far too much about Star Wars, particularly the extended universe. When not ranting, he can be found reading, playing video games or delving into worldbuilding. Find him on facebook or around the internet as Muscratt.


Want to continue the discussion with us? Agree or disagree with what we talked about, or want to add your own thoughts? We’ve got options for you!

You can post questions, or respond to our episode threads in our Superhero Ethics Facebook Group, or talk to us on the podcast’s Twitter account, or email us at superheroethics@gmail.com. Each of your co-hosts also has their own twitter,

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Jacob is BotsRPeopleToo https://twitter.com/BotsRPeopleToo

Here are some of the books and other products we discussed on the show. If you are interested in checking any of them out, and possibly buying any, please use the links below.  Part of every purchase is turned into support for Superhero Ethics at absolutely no charge to you!

Darth Bane- The Story of the creation of the modern Sith, and the Rule of Two.

Darth Plagius – The Sith who trained Emperor Palpatine.

Republic Commandos – Stories of clone soldiers.

Kenobi – Adventures of Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi in the years after the fall of the Republic.

The Clone Wars- Animated TV show that shows the corruption of the Jedi and the fall of the Republic. Much better than the movies or any of the prequels.

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Lastly, you probably heard some great music ending our podcast. This thanks to the deeply talented Jack Hesse, who also composed our intro music. You can follow him on Twitter at Jack_608, https://twitter.com/jack_608


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