EP 74 – Ethically Wrastlin’

becy lynchThis episode, we’re talking about the ethics of professional wrestling- both the stories themselves, and the meta questions about wrestling as entertainment. How far can or should a heel go, before it becomes a problem? Can wrestling storylines be cathartic for the performers? What role do performers have in picking their story, and so many more!

This episode, we are joined by two of the wrestling aficionados who got Jacob and Matthew interested, Tim Aubel and Addison Fox. 

Tim spends a lot of time getting emotionally invested in fictional characters and/or athletic competitions, both real and predetermined.  He also enjoys games of all sorts and spending time alone if he can find it. Tim can be found on Twitter at @AubelTim.

Addison is a hoopy frood who can’t get enough over the top melodrama and speaks with undue authority on topics. He is survived by his two cats. He can be found as @damullet on Twitter, Mastadon, and many other platforms.


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