Jupiter’s Lethality

Should Superheroes promise to never kill? Is killing in the heat of battle the same as killing a supervillain so they cannot do harm again? We look at these questions and more in a discussion of Jupiter’s Legacy and other products. If you haven’t seen Jupiter’s Legacy, don’t worry- neither has one of our guests! We use the show as a jumping off point, to focus on the topic itself. With Paul Hoppe and Jessica Plummer.

During the show we mention an earlier episode where we discussed the Superman Comic Book, Kingdom Come. You can find that episode here. https://api.spreaker.com/v2/episodes/23719666/download.mp3

Jessica wrote a story that is coming out in an upcoming awesome anthology titled Sword Stone Tablet! You can pre-order it here – https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/634028/sword-stone-table-by-edited-by-swapna-krishna-and-jenn-northington/

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