Queer Heroes & Representation

Its Pride month so we’re talking queer representation in our sci-fi/fantasy/superhero stories. Why does representation matter? Why is it particularly important for the queer community, and why does Hollywood consistently do it so badly.

We are joined by special guest Shiri Sondheimer. Shiri is a pansexual crone who rants about books and comics on Book Riot and the Roarbots. Her own short stories can be found in Unlocking the Magic: A Fantasy Anthology and Women In Horror 2016. She has an article on the relationship between music and creativity in Issue 10 of “Fantasy Art and Studies” and two chapters in the upcoming The Expanse and Philosophy. Her creative process is Tanaka and Tsukki in a hamster ball and a random generator once declared her genre “cactus garbage.” In her spare time she is an amateur frog.
Twitter: @SWSondheimer
IG: @Irate_Corvus
Website: http://www.swsondheimer.com

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