SW Book Club 4 – Republic Commandos

Were the Clone Soldiers slaves? Can they fall in love? Does Order 66 make more sense if we understand why the Clones feel bitter and resentful towards the Jedi? Jonah Kellman returns as we dive into the Republic Commando book series, and talk about how it influenced The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch.

Jonah Kellman (He/Him) started watching Star Wars half-way through A New Hope on TV one night, then discovered that there were books and Lego sets, and never looked back. Outside of Star Wars, he designs tabletop games, and is always on the prowl for new ideas. You can catch more of his thoughts on The Archives are Incomplete, a podcast covering all of the Legends Canon Novels at fatelfgames.com/archives or wherever podcasts are found, and you can reach him on twitter @Jedi_Archives.

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