Hollywood Labor and Ethical Fandom

Hollywood Strike? ScarJo vs. DIsney? What’s a fan to think and do? I’m joined by 3 friends from the The Next Reel podcast network, all of whom are industry professionals, to discuss what is happening and how it effects what we choose to watch.

Here is the petition we discussed during the show: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/tell-amptp-to-make-a-deal-with-behind-the-scenes-workers

Mandy Fabian was named “Best New Filmmaker of the Year” by NewFilmmakers LA, co-created/directed Lifetime’s first digital series “The Young Hillary Diaries” and her Amazon digital series “Dropping the Soap” won Jane Lynch an Emmy for Best Actress in a Short Form Original in 2017. Currently, Mandy is the prettier half of the podcast “Mandcave” is in post-production on her first feature “Jess Plus None,” a dark comedy starring Abby Miller, Rory O’Malley and Matt Walsh.
https://www.instagram.com/jessplusnone/ (indie film I directed in April, where we were NICE TO THE CREW!)

Hailing from nearly 25 years in the world of film, television, documentary, and commercial production, Andy has always had a passion for storytelling, no matter the size of the package. That passion for storytelling led Andy to podcasting 10 years ago, with which he immediately fell in love. Now, as partner at TruStory FM, he’s enjoying storytelling and conversation through their wide variety of shows, including The Next Reel and Marvel Movie Minute.

Pete is a founder of TruStory FM and a producer and host of podcasts across the spectrum of education and entertainment. From movies to mental health, Pete has produced over 3,000 podcast episodes and lives for helping others tell the next great story.

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