Encanto Ethics – When Generational Trauma is the Villain

Let’s talk Disney, and light happy topics like family and generational trauma! Why do so many of us find the mental health struggles of one or more of the characters from Encanto so relatable?

We’re talking about Encanto with licensed therapist and Disney super-fan, Saron Bryan.

Saron is a therapist in Athens, Georgia who primarily serves queer, polyamorous, and kinky clients. She also enjoys taking way too long to finish reading the Wheel of Time series and questing to find the most ridiculous and gaudy earrings imaginable.

This is the article we reference, that explores why the Columbian context of this movie is so important to understanding it. https://www.polygon.com/22851932/encanto-disney-latine-colombia-in-movies

To hear more of Saron, check out her podcast- https://player.fm/series/tldr-podcast-2367090

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