Orville Says Trans Rights

The Pandavision hosts invited me to sit in as we talked about one of the most powerful and significant, not to mention most trans affirming, episodes of TV I’ve ever seen. The Orville, S3 EP5, A Tale of Two Topas.

I am continually impressed with how the Orville embraces the best traditions of sci-fi in general, and Star Trek in specific, of using futuristic settings to tell stories that mirror our own. This episode (mild spoilers) pulls no punches in confronting the horrible way trans youth are treated, including sadly sometimes by their own families, while also offering hope and affirmation. I’m so glad that this episode of TV exists, and that I got a chance to talk about it.

Here is an episode summary for those who want to learn more without watching.

(Yes, I rage quit the show after episode 1, and I’m still mad about that one, but very glad a few people talked me into checking this one out.)

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