Stranger Things Four Point Two: Pastor of Muppets

Matthew takes a rare day off as Ashley, Paul, and Mark talk about the final two episodes of the penultimate season of Stranger Things. (Season 4, episodes 8 and 9.)

Mark Garkusha is a podcaster and voice actor, including on Cast Die Podcast “if you need more D&D in your life.” @MarkDmitri on all the social media things.

Ashley Coffin has her own brand-new podcast, Bill & Ashley’s Terror Theater (@BATTpod on Twitter and such), co-hosts the Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast, and so many other casts of podliness.

Paul Hoppe AKA ZenMadman is found @ZenMadman on all the things and is usually a guest on this here podcast, along with Star Wars Universe Podcast, and wrote and performed the theme music to this here podcast with Villain’s Lament.

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