Thor- Love and Thunder Thoughts

Andy Nelson, of the Next Reel and Marvel Movie Minute joins me to discuss Thor: Love & Thunder. We get into the questions the movie raised, the ones we wish it explored further and why one of us really enjoyed it, and the other- not so much.

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Andy started podcasting about movies 11 years ago and immediately fell in love with the format. Now, as partner at TruStory FM, he continues exploring his passion for everything in the world of film as well as his love of podcasting. Aside from his movie podcasts The Next Reel Film Podcast, Marvel Movie Minute, and The Speakeasy, Andy produces a variety of other shows including How to Split a Toaster: A Divorce Podcast About Saving Your Relationships, It’s All Your Fault, and Don’t Eat Your Young. Hailing from over 25 years in the world of film, television, and commercial production, Andy has always had a passion for storytelling, no matter the size of the package.

His passion for storytelling started at a young age, driving him and his friends to start making their own movies in grade school. After studying film at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Andy wrote, directed, and/or produced a number of short films while also producing indie features like Netherbeast Incorporated and Ambush at Dark Canyon and teaching screenwriting and editing. He’s worked on everything from award-winning documentaries like The Imposter and The Joe Show to TV shows like Investigation Discovery’s “Deadly Dentists” and Nat Geo’s “Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers.” Now, using the growing audio world of podcasts, Andy continues exploring his love of storytelling in this new medium. Andy is a family man and loves a good martini, a good beer or a nice cup o’ joe. And always, of course, a good movie.

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