Andor: Episode 5 with Jedi_StarKiller

AJ, aka Jedi_Starkiller of TikTok and Twitter fame joins Paul and myself to talk Andor Ep. 5!

AJ is a Star Wars fan, MtG Commander Player, Movie Buff, Comic Book Fan, family man, dog dad. Find Content on: @Jedi_Starkiller on TikTok and YouTube, he/him

You can find the video of our live stream of the podcast (for the next two weeks) on Paul’s Twitch channel. Please subscribe and tune in every Wednesday at 8:30 PM Eastern as we do episode by episode coverage.

As mentioned on the podcast, both Paul and I have started discords!

You can join my server and jump into the conversations about Andor and all your favorite media.

You can join Paul’s server and join in the great discussions of poker, chess, languages, and more.




Or go to our website for more information, contact info and to find all of our podcasts!

We love feedback! To ask questions or let us know what you think, contact us at

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