Andor Ep 6 With WrittenintheStarWars

Danielle, aka @WrittenInTheStarWars on TikTok returns to talk with Paul and myself about Andor, Episode 6!

Danielle (she/her) spends her days talking too much about Star Wars, MCU, and The Last of Us. She’s also a PhD researcher in Text & Image Studies, which basically means she gets read lots of comics and call it work. You can find her on TikTok at writteninthestarwars, Twitter at danies394, and Instagram at writteninthesw.

As mentioned on the podcast, both Paul and I have started discords!

You can join my server and jump into the conversations about Andor and all your favorite media.

You can join Paul’s server and join in the great discussions of poker, chess, languages, and more.

We love feedback! To ask questions or let us know what you think, contact us at




Or go to our website for more information, contact info and to find all of our podcasts!

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