Andor Episode 9

This came out later than I hoped, but we had no trouble finding things to talk about! We do our best to get into questions about the characters and plotlines, but I admit its hard when we want to talk about just how damn good the show is.


  1. So had an epiphany about fifteen minutes after I finished watching this episode. Andor’s character in this prison drama very closely mirrors the holocaust survivor from the story Maus. Here me out… Vladek in Maus is a hustler. He is anxious, guarded, and always looking for an angle. His story of survival in the camps, the one trait he has above all else (the “why me?” survivors guilt of it), he could always imagine the worse possible situation. While the Nazi’s tried to keep them in the dark, control information, he made friends and listened to rumors. While others said “they would never….” he made plans for them doing the unspeakable. Andor has this clarity through anxiety others’ lack, he sees the work camp for what it is long before we the viewer does for sure.

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