Willow! (The Movie)

With the new Willow series coming out we go back to the original, looking at one of the classic fantasy movies of the 80’s- Willow! Mark Garkusha & Ashley Coffin, along with first time/long time Katy O’Leary Brennan join me to talk about epic storytelling, Val Kilmer in a pink skirt, and why this movie was an important part of our childhoods.

Ashley Coffin claims many titles, including Stranded Panda Supreme Leader, MCUCast Co-Host, Empress of all Things Thirst, F*ck Around & Find Out Enforcer, co-host of Bill & Ashley’s Terror Theater, and frequent guest on both this and the Superhero Ethics podcasts. She would also like you to tell your dog she said hi.

Katy Brennan is a data analyst by day and cosplaying tabletop gamer by night who claims the honor of being our Supreme Leader’s BFF. She is a cast member of The Cast Die Podcast (@castdiepodcast) and Crossroad Games (@CrossroadXGames). Follow her on socials @katyolady

Mark Garkusha is an actor and VO artist whose voice you’ve probably heard trying to sell you a sandwich or exercise bike during a commercial break. You can hear him play and talk about TTRPGs on The Cast Die Podcast (@castdiepodcast) and follow him on all the socials under @markdmitri.

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