2022 Retrospective and 2023 Prospective

Matthew and Paul talk about stuff they watched in 2022, as well as the future and history of Superhero Ethics.

Paul Hoppe AKA ZenMadman lives in a cave on a mountain in the mind in Las Vegas, where they frequently talk about deleting all social media, yet can still be found at zenmadman.com and on Twitch, Twitter and YouTube as ZenMadman. They either will or won’t start writing a bunch of stuff.

We love feedback! To ask questions or let us know what you think, contact us at

Email: Matthew@TheEthicalPanda.com



Or go to our website www.theethicalpanda.com for more information, contact info and to find all of our podcasts!This podcast is a proud member of the Stranded Panda Podcast Network. Check out Stranded Panda for top quality podcasts on the MCU, Star Trek, Animation, the Source Pages of the stories we love, and so many other great topics.

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