The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 6

Erin and I continue our coverage of The Bad Batch with season 2, episode 6.

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Erin McGowan is a Twin Cities based cosplayer. she/her, who is new to cosplay and LOVING it. You can find her atTik Tok @amateurahsokaInstagram: lady.tano.creates

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One comment

  1. Shower thoughts of the day: When “A New Hope” lays out all the Jedi are gone and dead, I imagine Obi Wan’s eye roll now. Yes, they’re a dead ancient order. No more. Also, did you know that Berlin is Jew Free? Did you know Iran has zero gay citizens? Did you know that Russia is winning the war in Ukraine? Like, of course some survived and went into hiding just like Obi Wan. Some probably just gave up the Light Sabre and started a new life. Some probably moved beyond the borders of the Empire and laughed at the state run media news .


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