How is Dooku Remembered

Would Dooku be the Che of the Star Wars Galaxy? Would Nemik have a poster of him, or Luthen be inspired? As the Empire fulfilled so many of the predictions that Dooku made about the Republic, would people look to Dooku as a prophet, or the cause of the fall?

AJ (Jedi_Starkiller) joins Erin (Lady.Tano.Creates) and I to talk about the legacy of Count Dooku.

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AJ is a Star Wars fan, MtG Commander Player, Movie Buff, Comic Book Fan, family man, dog dad. Find Content on: @Jedi_Starkiller on TikTok and YouTube, he/him

Erin McGowan is a Twin Cities based cosplayer. she/her, who is new to cosplay and LOVING it. You can find her on Tik Tok & Instagram: ladytanocreates

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