Behind the Cowl

Team Tony or Team Cap? Should the citizens of Metropolis honor or fear Superman? When should the Prime Directive be broken? And what in the world should be done about slavery in Meeren? 

This podcast and blog is a chance to explore some of those questions.

We call it Superhero Ethics, because that’s what got us started on all this, but we  explore a pretty broad range of material. Superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, video, board, and card game lore– if geeks talk about it or you might see it mentioned at a comic con, we’re probably going to talk about it.

Matthew Westfox is the founder and editor of Superhero Ethics and one of the co-hosts of the podcast. He started Superhero Ethics in a vain attempt to justify the obscene amount of money he borrowed to get an education in ethics, as well as to give him a chance to ramble on about the topics most of his friends are sick of hearing about. Ever since Batman, Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon debated how best to fight for justice in the midst of corruption in The Dark Knight, he has loved to sit and debate the questions that a good story can raise. Follow him on twitter @capedethicist.

Jacob Milicic, co-host of the podcast, pretends to know a lot about philosophy, ethics, and the creative process behind screenwriting. The reality is, describing him as an amateur in any of these categories would be charitable. He still loves talking about all of it, though, and that’s what he’s here for! Follow him on twitter @BotsRPeopleToo.