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My favorite part of these podcasts are the conversations I get to have with fans.

Agree or disagree with something we said? Want to offer a new perspective on something we’ve talked about, or are going to cover soon? Have an idea you’d like to hear us cover on an upcoming episode? Let us know!

You can send an email to, or find us on Twitter or Facebook.

I’ve recently started a Tik-Tok. There I discuss podcast topics along with cooking, theology, dapper fashion, or anything else on my mine.


Creating these podcasts is a labor of love, but your support makes it so much easier. Leaving comments and starting and participating in discussions on social media is the best support you can offer, but there are a number of other key ways including:

The financial support offered through Patreon makes these podcasts possible. As patrons you will get our public thanks, the chance to help design an episode, and access to outtake tracks, merchandise, and more!

The reviews you leave on one more more of the podcasts on I-Tunes, or any other podcast, are such wonderful inspiration. They remind me of why this work is worth doing, and tell me what is working (and what is not) so I can keep making the podcasts better and better.

Reviews are also a key way of growing the podcasts. The more reviews a podcast has, especially five star ones, the higher it ranks on searches and the more people find us.

I have found a great collection of co-hosts and guests, but I’m always looking for more! If you have an idea for someone you think would be a great guest on one of these shows, let me know my emailing

And of course, the best way to help grow these podcasts is word of mouth. Forward an episode or a post to a friend, tell someone you think would be interested about us, tag someone in a post or a comment you make- every new person helps!