SW Rebels S3 Ep 21-22

Rebels fans, we are back! Riki Hayashi joins me to talk about his newest favorite episodes, season 3 episodes 21-22, Zero Hour!

Guardians 3, Animal Rights & Feedback

Guardians 3 raised some important questions about how we treat animals, & Paul Hoppe joins me to talk about them. This episode came out of listener feedback and we also address a listener question about great power, great responsibility, and the relationship between podcasters and listeners.

Bloodline – Senator Leia Organa

We’ve seen Leia as a Princess and a General, but what about a Senator? Riki Hayashi joins me to talk about the novel Star Wars: Bloodline, and all the great topics it raises. Where did the New Republic go wrong? Does the world need West Wing:Hosnian Prime? Can Riki tell us the best way to…

The Last of Us Part 2 – Video Game

My partner and I played through The Last of Us part 2, and Danielle and Matthew joined me to talk about all the great ethical questions this story raises. Whether or not you’ve played the game, we lay out the issues and story details so you can follow along- but there will be spoilers!

The Bad Batch S2 Wrap Up

Season 2 of The Bad Batch is over, but we’ve got a lot of wrap up questions to dive into. Paul Hoppe and Erin McGowan join me to talk about all that we learned this season, the various character arcs and how we felt about the ending.


If you could turn off your brain at work, create an entirely different version of yourself to get through the day, would you? Would that work version you create have its own rights? Can the body be severed from the body?