Co-Hosts & Guests

I’ve been lucky enough to be joined by a wide range of guests and co-hosts on my different podcasts.  Some of the regulars include

Jeff Randle, co-founder of the  MCUCast is one of the rotating co-hosts on the Star Wars Universe and has been part of PandaVision casts with Matthew on The Boys and Umbrella Academy. Jeff is a systems engineer by day and a husband, father, podcaster, Dungeon Master, costumer, and gamer by night. He loves exploring ideas of heroism, what it is to be worthy, and how the even the weakest among us can rise to the occasion. He loves making silly voices behind the microphone as well as the DM screen and can’t say no to a funny voice challenge.

Ashley Coffin is a nerd girl hailing from Philadelphia, Pa who loves all things Marvel. She is very into horror movies and has probably seen whatever show you are watching. She would also like you to tell your dog she said hi. electrical_ash on Instagram

Paul Hoppe is Matthew’s original co-host on Superhero Ethics and frequent guest on Star Wars Universe Podcast. Paul spends life on a quest to acquire knowledge, understanding, and skill in various subjects, including martial arts, yoga, poker, chess, music, writing, and language. Fairly described as a cynical optimist, Paul is constantly disappointed in humanity, but still always believes things can get better. Assorted musings can be found on and elsewhere under the ZenMadman moniker.

Matthew Carroll, co-founder of MCUCast and Grand High Panda of the Standed Panda Podcast Network, has been a guest on Superhero Ethics, and partnered with Matthew on Pandavision casts about Orville, Altered Carbon, and the Boys. He loves to explore conversations around Story-telling and how it connects to our lives.  This is expressed in both his music and podcast endeavors.

Sarah Hayashi, one of the co-hosts of the Star Wars Universe Podcast series on The Clone Wars was born raised in the wilds of Saskatchewan, Canada. Her love of Star Wars started when she first saw A New Hope as a teen, and has only deepened through the years. She spent 6 years working at her local comics shop and, in addition to Star Wars, loves nerding out on a variety of topics from Star Trek, to all things Disney, to Modern Art and anything in between.

Riki Hayashi – As a life-long Star Wars fan–no, really, his parents took him to a Star Wars film as a 2-year old toddler–Riki loves the technical side of things. He’s spent more time looking at starship specs than he would like to admit and obsesses over the lack of safety standards on Imperial ship designs. Where are the guardrails?! Find his musings on Twitter @mtgRikipedia.”

Jessica Plummer, a frequent guest on Superhero Ethics where she has recently started a series on comics historylives in New York and loves Superman very very much. You can listen to just how much on her Superman podcast, Flights and Tights ( She also writes about comics and books in general at ( Find her on Twitter @jess_plummer. In this episode she references her recent article on BookRiot, Birds of Prey, Trauma, and the Female Gaze.

Becky Allen, a frequent guest on, particularly regarding all things Star Wars,  is the author of Bound by Blood and Sand and the sequel, Freed by Flame and Storm. She grew up outside Ithaca, New York, and graduated from Brandeis University with a major in American studies and a minor in journalism. She is the product manager for, an online HIV resource, and loves New York, brunch, and feminism.

Jacob Milicic, former co-host and occasional guest of Superhero Ethics pretends to know a lot about philosophy, ethics, and the creative process behind screenwriting. The reality is, describing him as an amateur in any of these categories would be charitable. He still loves talking about all of it, though, and that’s what he’s here for! Follow him on twitter @BotsRPeopleToo.