Podcasts & Other Content

Superhero Ethics

Team Tony or Team Cap? Should the citizens of Metropolis honor or fear Superman? When should the Prime Directive be broken? And what in the world should be done about slavery in Meeren? This podcast explores those questions

Star Wars Universe Podcast

Star Wars offers one of the deepest and richest universes to explore, and this podcast dives into it all.  We focus on the many movies and TV shows, both old and new, along with books, video games, all the way through to the holiday specials! What we love, what made us roll our eyes; we touch on all aspects of this universe, with a primary focus on the characters, the story, and the lore. 

We are finishing out 2020 with reviews of each episode of the Mandalorian, and will be returning to reviews of the movies, along with the Clone Wars TV show, early in 2021.


Pandavision covers all the great TV that doesn’t fit neatly into those pesky little universes with their deep tight continuities. I have been honored to host or be a guest on a number of PV shows including The Umbrella Academy, The Boys, and, starting in December, The Stand.


Stranded Panda Twitch TV, on which I frequently appear for live versions of podcasts, discussions of media news, or community gatherings.

Imaginary Worlds Podcast– I was a guest on an episode to discuss the moral quandaries of Daredevil and other vigilantes.