Spoiler Policy

No_SpoilersWhen you start talking about movies and TV shows in a public setting, one of the first issues to come up is the questions of spoilers.  On the one hand I want to make sure I can discuss things when they are timely and in people’s minds, and I want to use headines and titles that give a sense of what I’m talking about and that catch people’s interest. But at the same time I want to ensure no one accidently learns things about something they haven’t seen yet from this blog or related projects.  Below are the guidlines I’m going to try and follow, but its a work in progress. If you have seen good policies on other sites or have suggestions of your own, please let me know on my contact page. And most imporantly, if you do get spoiled by something I post, please let me know ASAP so I can fix it and be more careful going forward.

So here are the guidelines I’m starting from:

1) If a post clearly indicates that its about a paricular movie or TV show, or is tagged for that movie or show, assume that its going to contain spoilers. Don’t click on it, or open it unless you’re ready to hear about details from it.

 2) I will strive to make sure that no spoilers appear in the titles of posts, or in the teaser that is included in social media advertising those posts, such as on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  This is an area where my technical knowledge is still catching up with my intent, so If I screw up, please let me know. If the intro has spoilers, I will use a clear spoiler warning.

 3) I consider a ‘spoiler’ any detail that isn’t readily available from the most basic level marketing. So for example, the fact that Civil War involves a conflict between Iron Man and Captain America is not something I would consider ‘spoiler’ worthy, but the details of that conflict, or who appears on what side in it are things I would consider ‘spoilers.’   There is obviously a lot of grey area in this, so I welcome feedback as I go forward.

4) There is no time limit on spoilers, but I am going to be more careful given how long something has been available, and how wide that availablity is. The fact that something has been out on HBO or theaters doesn’t make it fair game since many people may need to wait till it becomes more widely avaialble, such as on Netflix or the like.  Nor do I assume that a person needs to watch something as soon as they can or else they lose the protection of spoilers. Any number of reasons can stop a person from being able to watch something as soon as it comes out,  and they still deserve to get to experiance something without having it spoiled.

5) Sharing and talking about this blog is awesome, but please respect this policy.  Linking to one of my articles and encouraging your friends to read it- awesome. Posting something like “Superhero Ethics has a great post about why this charecter had to die… ” not so much.  Similarly, I strongly encourage discussion and comments on my posts, but please be careful about spoiling other stories when doing so.